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My colleagues of AGEXPRONT surprised me with a farewell lunch....Thanks!  It was a pleasure to work with a team of such dedicated professional and technical Guatemalans' with tremendous talent!  It made my work easy.  These where five years of rewarding work, helping those entrepreneurs that needed a little bit of assistance to improve production, create jobs, and have a better life for their families and communities.

All pictures here were taken by my good friend Hugo Cabrera.  Thanks for these memories!

Remember when......

Just chatting.

Libby and Ligia....they look like sisters...or twins!

It was Dan who kicked off the show!

Everybody was looking at the camera.

Loren wanted to speak so badly and take Dan's place, while Alvaro was on the phone!

Dan Mooney....kicked off the speaches!

Big group!

Dan in action!

Of course...I was obliged to respond!...Ooops...forgot the speach!

Yes folks....I was pleasantly surprised by my friends in AGEXPRONT!

Good luck to all of you...we shall meet again!

Thanks to all of was great working with you all!

The group!

AGEXPRONT senior staff.

AGEXPRONT Project Staff was Alvaro's turn!

Thanks for all your help in the project Alvaro!

Hope your party wins the election....hey....maybe next time you could run..."President Alvaro"..doesn't sound bad!

Loren was just dying to talk!

Finally....he had the public in his hands!

And on...and on! And in those days.....

But it was fun! Right! Loren inherited all my will enjoy them!

Finally, Brian got up!

If it where for me....I order the food now!

Armando was dying to talk....but was nervous and started to sweat!

Armando has been the key person managing the activities!

Karlita took a deep breath got up I go!

Liliana....the Lady In Red...made her stand!

The Giant Sebastian....gets up....hey, I want to say something too!

Finally.....Fanny showed up!

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Last Updated: 10/20/2003

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